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Committee Membership 2016-2017

Committee Membership 2016/2017

Finance & Resources

Teaching & Learning

Leadership & Management

Chris Harris (Chair)

Huw Thomas (Chair)

Yasmin Thorn-Davis (Chair)

Terry Jackson

Zoe Hickin

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

Huw Thomas

Yasmin Thorn-Davis

Yasmin Thorn-Davis

Chris Harris

Matthew Wall

Sue Harris

Dave Rooney (observer)

Dave Rooney (observer)

Duncan Betts


Dave Rooney (observer)



Chair of Governors - Mrs Yasmin Thorn-Davis

Vice Chair of Governors - Dr Huw Thomas

Chair of Finance & Resources Committee - Mr Chris Harris

Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee - Dr Huw Thomas

Safeguarding Governors - Miss Anna Smith & Dr Huw Thomas

SEN Governor - Dr Huw Thomas

Head Teacher Performance Management  Governor - Mrs Yasmin Thorn-Davis

Health & Safety Governor - Mr Terry Jackson