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Ordering and Collecting Your Meals

Ordering & Collecting your meals

As you may know, your school uses a new computerised ordering and payment system to ensure children get the meals that they want, and to provide cashless payment options for parents. The new system has been a real hit with the children, whilst also cutting down on paperwork and staff time. It also allows parents to go online and order meals from home, view recipes and check artificial ingredient information.

Ordering in class

The children no longer pre-order using a paper based system. To save teacher time and get the children more involved, pupils can now select their chosen meal on a whiteboard touchscreen each morning in the classroom. 

Vegetarian options are clearly displayed on a green button.


Pre-order Online

Direct Debit customers are invited to use our online pre-order facility by registering with Dolce Ltd, simply phone 0141 7736207 to register.  This allows parents to preorder for their child on the internet for up to an entire term at a time. When pre-ordering your child's meal the menu choices will be upheld by the cook and can not be changed by the child in the classroom, so please discuss with your child the options available to them.You can also view all of our recipes to ensure you choose the healthiest option for your child.

Once you have registered with Dolce you can order your meals via www.live-kitchen.co.uk/cashless

Collecting the meal at lunchtime

When your child arrives in the lunch room they select their name on a touch screen. Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as their dietary needs. The cook will confirm the meal choice with your child and serve their meal. The cook then acknowledges that the meal has been taken on her screen. It is only at this point the meal will be charged to your account.

Paying for School Meals