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Equality Duty Statement

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School will abide by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. It is committed to giving due regard to equal treatment and opportunity for all staff, pupils and members of the wider community. We do all that we can to eliminate discrimination and foster good relations amongst all connected with the school.

Holy Trinity C of E Primary is a broadly average sized primary school with 208 children compared to the national average of 245. Holy Trinity was established in 1858 to service Cookham. The net capacity of the school is 210 pupils. The percentage of children known to be eligible for pupil premium is 5.28% which is below the national average.

The percentage of pupils’ first language not believed to be English (9.13%) is below most schools and pupils from ethnic minorities is also below average. 89.90% of children are of a White British or White Other character and the remaining 10.09% are from a range of ethnic backgrounds. 75.00% of children are Christian or from a Christian denomination, 12.98% of children specify no religion or decline to disclose their religion. 

The percentage of children identified as having special educational needs is 9.13% - with the number of Educated, Health & Care Plan (Statemented) pupils and SEN Supported (School Action) pupils being broadly average. The percentage of pupils with statements of educational needs is 0.96%. More than two thirds of the children on the special needs register have specific learning difficulties (Literacy, Numeracy).

(Information updated October 2019 from Autumn School Census)


Acorn 1 - 68%                          Affluent Achievers

Acorn 2 - 4%                            Rising Prosperity

Acorn 3 - 14%                          Comfortable Communities

Acorn 4 - 3%                            Financially Stretched

Acorn 5 - 5%                            Urban Adversity

The remaining 5% are not classified i.e. where no match was found or the postcode had not been identified as a private household.

(Information analysed from School Census)


Equality Duty Statement 

To rigorously monitor progress of all groups to identify under performance and adjust provision to support progress. This objective is rigorously monitored by the school's  Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body.

A copy of our Single Equality Scheme can be found in the Policy Section of this website.